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Easter Egg Hunt 2020

As COVID-19 demands that public places and social gatherings and many other forms of entertainment close down, city sidewalks have flourished as walks around neighborhoods have become a prominent outlet for fresh air and exercise. Fun activities have been popping up all over social media to add to the fun; from placing teddy bears in windows to drawing inspirational messages on sidewalks. While we're participating in many of these, my favorite idea has been the around-town Easter egg hunts! The simple idea involves people hanging Easter eggs in their windows, and then when others are out walking they can look for the colorful eggs. While particularly fun for children, even adults are having fun putting together and spying fun displays. I think it's a neat way to keep a focus on Easter during this unsettling time.

To give my boys some fresh coloring pages, I put together these printable Easter egg designs to hang in our own windows. I'm sharing them so that others can easily join in the fun!

Click on the image below to download the printable PDFs from my Coloring Pages.

I'd love to see your completed window displays! Feel free to message them to me or use hashtags #BeckyFosterArt and #EggHunt2020 Happy Coloring and Happy Easter!!

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