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Ordering shirts: What you should know

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

**UPDATE 2023 - My shirts are now available directly through my Etsy shop in a true-to-size unisex tee. The new design is comfy and includes the text of Philippians 4:13 on the back**

Original post:

They're here!!!!! Finally!! My Philippians 4:13 shirts are AVAILABLE for purchase!!!

*happy dance*

But because I'm all about transparency, here are a few things you should know before you run off to place your order:

The image:

I want to be clear that these shirts are not screen printed. Nor are they applied with heat. The image will not crack or peel after a few months of wear. I chose to use Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, a technique in which the printer directly applies the ink to the clothing item with inkjet technology. This allows for a full spectrum of colors to be used and essentially creates the clothing version of a fine art print! Also, it keeps the image as soft and flexible as the fabric, and retains its appearance through countless washings.

Light color verse Dark color:

In the shirt shop you'll see that the shirts are available in white, black, and a variety of greys. You'll also see that each shirt type is broken down into two different color brackets; light color and dark color. This is because of the DTG printing process. In order for the colors to remain true on darker fabric, a layer of white ink is applied before the colored image is printed. This extra layer of ink costs just a bit more to apply, so my third-party has to keep the color categories separate for their side of things. I hear it also makes the image feel slightly stiffer, but will soften up with washing. :)

And while we're talking about color... if you get the shirt in white (which I LOVE the look of, by the way) plan to wear a cami or shell underneath. Because while I tried my best, it seems that a white printable shirt that isn't at least a little see through doesn't exist.

Shirt types: 1) The Ladies Favorite Tee


I can't say that enough. If you order the Ladies Favorite Tee, please SIZE UP. These are a comfy fitted tee, that cover everything you want covered while staying cute, and have extra length, but again, they are fitted. Even if you always fit perfectly in woman's-cut shirts, please SIZE UP. Even if you've lost all that baby weight or holiday weight or have just finished a 30-day fitness challenge, please SIZE UP.

Ok? Cause each of these shirts are custom printed by a third-party just for you, and that means there is a zero-returns policy. And I really don't want to you to end up with a shirt that doesn't fit you right. I've spent way too much time obsessing over shirt styles (right Christina?!) to have you end up with a shirt you don't absolutely love. I agree, it is a pain to have to order a bigger size, and I do apologize for that, but until the shirt manufacturers get their fitted sizing issues figured out, we all need to just SIZE UP. To give you an example, I typically wear a small in most shirts. I sized up to a medium, and honestly, I probably could have gone with a large and still be comfortable with the fit. Because it runs small. Very small. But out of all the fitted styles I tried (trust me, I tried a bunch!) this one has the best fit... if you size up. ;)

2) Unisex Tee and Long Sleeve Tee

You don't need to worry about sizing up with the unisex tee!! It is a nice relaxed cut, but doesn't have the boxy tent look of other unisex shirts. Plus the fabric is SO ridiculously soft you'll want to live in it, and it just hangs nicer.

3) Youth sizes are available too! These are a relaxed fit similar to the adult unisex.


Orders for my shirts can be placed through my shop, here. The orders are processed directly by Big Frog of Dultuh, a local business. If you live in the Duluth area, you can arrange to pick your shirt(s) up directly from the shop and save on shipping costs. But they are also happy to ship items to you! Shirts will be ready within 24 hours, if they have the shirt type/color in stock. Otherwise it is only 5-7 business days for them to get your shirt ordered and printed.

I think that is all I wanted to say! Happy shopping! You can find my shirt shop here. I appreciate your support of my business and all the encouragement I've had along the way as I explored the idea of printing my art onto shirts. <3 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about sizing or whatever!

Oh, and don't forget to SIZE UP on the Favorite Tee. ;)

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