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Why sell prints?

To be perfectly honest, I've always gone back and forth on the idea of producing prints. Would I be decreasing the value of my art? Would it cheapen what I'm trying to express? Would it make it seem like I'm *only* trying to make money?

Mid-process on producing an embelished print of "Forget-You-Not"

There is a certain canvas hanging in my living room that I painted during my freshman year of college. It holds a lot of meaning for me. My professor at the time had invited me to leave it at the school to add to the hallway displays. I couldn't bear to part with this piece, but something he said has stuck with me:

"It might help someone else."

"Out of the Depths" original - 2005

Maybe my forget-me-nots will help someone who's grieving. Maybe my Bloom painting will help someone who's adjusting to a new place in their life. Maybe my Superman piece will help that little boy who's struggling to potty train. Whatever it may be, there isn't a valid reason to keep art to oneself. Whatever inspired the art, or however the art inspires others, it just might help.

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